¿What is Dental Care AC?

It is a loyalty plan from Clínica Dental Alejandra Cruz that allows members to access exclusive and special benefits.

This membership is inspired by the eagle, which soars as the king of the skies and the emblem of a vibrant nation. It symbolizes our warrior spirit flowing through our veins. As descendants of ancient civilizations, the eagle is the connection between earth and sky, a creature that reminds us we are children of the sun.


  • 1 General dentistry evaluation
  • 3 Interconsultations with Specialists
  • 2 Annual cleanings for the member
  • 4 Periapical X-rays
  • Priority attention
  • Access to exclusive offers for Dental Care AC members
  • 5% discount on general dentistry
  • 2 Resin cavity removals
  • 30% discount on whitening for the member (5-session package)
  • 10% discount on Dental Care AC renewal *renewing before expiration
  • 2 Veneer removals with laser
  • 1 Resin design polishing
  • 10% discount on design change from resin to porcelain
  • 20% discount on design change from resin to resin
  • 1 Complete resin design veneer repair
  • 2 Resin design microfractures
  • 20% discount on additional resin design repairs or microfractures
  • 2% bonus on additional treatments at Clínica Dental Alejandra Cruz
Annual validity
Price: $10,000
Perceived value of included treatments: MXN 47,150

Guadalajara: Av. Patria 2052-Piso 2, Santa Isabel, 45110 Guadalajara, Jal.

Morelia: Perif. Paseo de la República #2406 Col, Bosque Camelinas, 58290 Morelia, Mich.

CDMX: Av. presidente Masarik #515, Col Polanco II Sector, Miguel Hidalgo, 11570 Ciudad de México.

Tijuana: Av. Paseo del Centenario # 9580 Int. 22010, Col Plaza New City Medical Plaza.